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Ravenhill Rugby Stadium

Project Scope Integrated Sound Systems
Location Belfast, Northern ireland
Project Cost £500,000
Project Duration 3 Months

As the major Rugby Stadium for Northern Ireland, MGA was entrusted to undertake a number of Communication system projects at the stadium as part of an overall contract. We were working to tight deadlines as each Stand was being handed over as part of an overall planned phased handover. There was the added complexity as the playing pitch was in constant use i.e. Heineken Cup matches etc. as well as working alongside other trades to deploy a number of communication systems.

PAVAFull-Range Sound System:

MGA was very pleased to be entrusted with the design and implementation of this prestigious system.

It was designed and implemented with co-operation with our colleagues within the design team at RCF Audio. Ravenhill Stadium posed numerous problems in designing and deploying a qualitative sound System, particularly to evenly and adequately cover the entireexternal spectator seating areas; ensuring that it is “Fit for Purpose” within a modern stadium environment.

There was also a need to minimise, as far as reasonably possible sound spillageoutside of the stadium, particularly to the nearbyresidential areas.

The integrated system complies fully with BS5839 Pt 8 2008 & 2011 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings and BSEN54 Pt 16 Voice Alarm Control and Indication,as this system had to be fully integrated with the Fire Alarm System.

In order to ensure complete integrity of alarms & evacuation facilities, each Stand Equipment Racks provided for under this contract were linked with both fibre and copper.

With carefulcomputer modelling of the sound reproduction particularly in all of the external seating areas, MGA Engineers were able to optimise the sound reproduction as far as possible and providing full sound coverage throughout.The sound performance model had to address both horizontal and verticalperformance of each external speaker cluster.

Internally the density of speakers was provided to cover all areas with multiple circuit feeds provided as required under the system standard. A number of system Control / Evacuation Microphones were providedforStaff use in providing for safe evacuation of the entire Stadium.

An independent feed form the PAVA system was provided for the Radio Commentary System for direct wireless broadcast for thehearing-impaired(see below). 

High quality diversity Radio Microphones were provided for match presentation purposes with a “Jingle Machine”incorporated in with the system and broadcast to heighten the match atmosphere particularly whentheHome Team scores!

The systems were fully tested in full compliance with the relevant standards and with the co-operation the Fire Alarm Systems Specialist Contractor and verified in the presence of the Project Design Team and Belfast City Council Officials.

Radio Broadcast for the Hearing-Impaired:

This system was deployed to cover the entire seating areas of the Stadium ensuring that those with hearing difficulties; that they could receive direct live broadcasts of matchcommentaryandfeeds from the main sound system to their personally-worn receivers.

Disable Refuge (DR) and Disable Toilet (DT) Systems:

This was an integrated solution with remote equipment deployed as required. Each DT system was integrated into the DR system within each stand for the purpose of monitoring Alarm Activation within each Stand. Each of the new Stands operated in a similar manner with the Main System Panel monitoring all Alarms on all of the new stands.

TV-Satellite Distribution System:

This provided for the reception of TV Off-Air signals at designated locations throughout the Stadium.Transmission distance was a particularissue; however with careful positioning of receiving equipment and active distribution equipment, all parameters were met in accordance withthe CAI Standards for such systems.