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Bangor Aurora Complex, Bangor, N. Ireland

Project Scope Phone system installation
Location Belfast, Northern ireland
Project Cost £500,000
Project Duration 3 Months

The sheer size of Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex meant that that of all of the leisure facility’s communication technology requirements were complex. However, MGA Communication takes pride in turning complex requirements into simple-to-use solutions and that is exactly what was delivered on this project.This contract consisted of a number of bespoke communication and telecommunication systems which were designed in-house and in partnership with our major manufacturers’ and project consultants, JCP Consulting.

Full-Range Sound System:

The largest and most complex of these systems was the integrated Sound Systems which were designed around a centralised sound system hub connecting to a number of distributed hubs located in the various strategic locations throughout the internal and external areas of the building.RCF Engineers worked very closely with senior MGA personnel to design an impressive system for the complex.

In all, a total of twenty-four zones (expandable) each containing a free-standing equipment rack and allocated to cover the main areas ranging from the impressive 50 metre Pool Hall, Leisure Pool, Function Rooms, Fitness Suite etc. including 3 external all-weather pitches. Each of the zones was provided with both local and independent facilities but with thecentralised system having full control with the capability to route music, messaging and paging into any selected local area or areas.

In the larger spaces, computer modelling was used to ensure that the correct level and dispersion of sound was achieved with an even sound distribution as far as possible thereby ensuring an exceptionally warm experiencefor spectators, patrons and visitors.

Bangor Aurora not only includes Northern Ireland’s first Olympic-sized swimming pool but also includes facilities such as an eight-court sports hall, squash courts, a 90-plus station fitness suite, a crèche and soft playarea as well as outdoor facilities such as 3G pitches, grass pitches and hockey pitches.

All of these various areas required full autonomy with regard to local full-range sound systems allowing for local use of microphones connecting to front-end signal processors, amplifiers and full-range speakers. Each area was provided with a solution designed specifically to meet its needs.

MGA’s Project Director, Aaron McKeown Communication, explained, “The project needed an overall Soundsystem solution to allow important messages to be conveyed to staff, customers and visitors but every area alsohad its own specific requirements which we had to meet as well.

“For example, the fitness studios needed music input, but the pool areas the focus was on announcements. It was also important to ensure that the outside areas such as the sports pitches were also properly covered with a qualitative sound system and using their own independent Radio Microphones”.

“We developed specific sound systems to meet the different demands of each individual area and while there is a central control system, the fitness suite and soft play areas etc. also have their own individual control systems. We were well pleased with the quality of the overall system as confirmed by the operators of the complex. ”

Induction Loop Systems for Hearing Impaired:

These were deployed for the most part in all areas containing a dedicatedsound system; connecting directly to each of sound systems ensuring that allpaging and messaging information is received by all.

IPTV System:

This was deployed throughout the building, operating over UTP Structured Cabling and Fibre Backbone between the IT cabinets. Off-air Terrestrial and Sky Satellite signals were presented to a wholly digital platform consisting of TV & Satellite digital gateways and HD encodersfor the broadcast of other AV source equipment.

At each IPTV digital outlet, allsignals are then decoded prior being presented and connected local flat-panel displays. This system is very versatile allowing for the addition of a greater number of receivers and outlets. High Definition encoders were added to the system to allow for future connection of HD devices. This system may alsoprovide a feed to the Main Reception Area Video Wall System which was also provided by MGA Communication Ltd.

Video Wall System:

Deployed at the Main Entrance and consisting of a 2 x 3 Matrix of large formatnarrowbezel displays. In complying with the specification, the system may take a feed from any video sourceinmost video formats to the system controller comes which is equipped with an internal scaling engine.It may also take a feed from an on-line streaming facility or alternatively from local video inputs such as Blu-ray and CCTV signals; the options are limitless.

Telephone System:

This is a fully featured digital telephone system connecting to ISDN circuits and with multi-featured digital handsets deployed throughout the Building. The system features full digital displays handsetsin keystaff areas as well as in critical maintenance engineering areas. The system was provided complete is complete withVoice mail and Call Logging facilities.